Grae (n) - to injure by striking or pressing, without breaking the skin; liable to fall or sway; differing in nature from what is ordinary, usual, or expected; antagonistic, hostile, or unfriendly toward others; injury, damage, or harm; separate, apart, or isolated from others; of, pertaining to, or exhibiting homosexuality; to treat medicinally ; feeling or exhibiting an inability to understand; uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire or appetite; attractive in a dainty way; an unbleached and undyed condition.
dear mitch.

fuck you.

i don’t ask for much. i lowered myself to a level i don’t want to ever be at to try to get you to give me what i wanted.

i don’t think i need to ask you to hurt me ever again. you do that just fine.

i’d just rather it be physically instead of what the shit ever you’ve been doing.

fuck you for ignoring me. fuck you for leaving me home on my own and going to carters to shove your nose up his ass and baby him.

carter doesn’t like you. carter doesn’t have the emotional capacity to like you. you’re just some guy to him.

i don’t think even i can like you anymore.

dear zak.

thank you for coming over and sharing ham with me and being a friend again.

i’d like to keep cutting

but i can’t stand to watch myself bleed

What I think when kids in my class read


  • That’s a PERIOD, NOT A COMMA
  • That’s a COMMA, NOT A PERIOD
  • Why the hell can’t you pronounce that word?
  • Can I sleep?
  • If you can’t read, why’d you raise your hand?
  • You can’t pronounce THAT word?
  • The fuck you like long ass paragraphs for
  • My skin’s crawling
  • Oh god not him, his voice sounds like a dying nail on a dying chalkboard
  • You skipped a line
  • LOL what was that?
  • I don’t even. 

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i think i’m attracted to assholes that spike their hair.

part-time assholes?

zak’s nice when i’m not being stupid.

mitch is nice when i am being stupid.

but first

this isn’t fair. i want mitch but he wants carter; i want zak but he wants stupid shire. i don’t fit in anywhere and it hurts because i don’t want anybody else. i think as long as mitch stays in my life as a friend i’ll be okay, but with zak, i don’t know, but i think i want more than just that. it’s one thing to tell mitch i love him, but an entirely different thing to tell zak. just like it’s one thing to kiss your best friend and an entirely different thing to kiss the kid you dream about.

hope that’s enough bunnies for you

going to sit on the roof now.